• History as Healer
    June 2014
    Association of Canadian Archivists Conference, Victoria, British Columbia

    Slides of presentation (Note that a recording of a later webinar version of this presentation is available from the Canada's History site.)

  • Beyond the Cenotaph: a 21st century commemoration
    May 2014
    Archives Association of Ontario Conference, Oshawa, Ontario

    Slides of presentation


    • Working Outside the Walls: from Gatekeeper to Keymaster 
      June 2013
      Conference of the Association of Canadian Archivists, Winnipeg, Manitoba

      Slides of presentation
    • Getting your Hands on Archival Gold
      May 2013
      Digging for Gold in Toronto's Archives and Libraries, Ontario Genealogical Society Workshop, Toronto, Ontario

      Slides of presentation


    • How Dinosaurs Broke our System: Challenges in Building National Researcher Identifier Systems
      July 2012
      Open Repositories Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland
      Video of presentation




    • Archives 2.0 on a Micro Scale 
      March 2009
      Archives 2.0: Shifting Dialogues between Users and Archivists, Manchester, UK
      Slides of presentation on SlideShare. The video of this talk (made by Brian Kelly of UKOLN) is also available.



    • A Question of Interpretation: the role of archivists in an online age 
      June 2007
      Joint Conference of the Association of Canadian Archivists and the Archives Association of Ontario, Kingston, Ontario
      Slides of presentation on SlideShare
    • Interoperability without effort: the development of the distributed Archives Hub 
      April 2007
      International Standards for Digital Archives conference, Berlin, Germany
      Slides of presentation on SlideShare